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Medicare Insurance Agents

Our experienced and professional team of agents want the best for you. That’s why we take the time to discuss the various insurance options with you, helping you determine what is most likely to meet your unique needs.

At Coverage2Care, our guiding philosophy is to keep things neutral, in the best interest of our clients. We don’t suggest one insurance carrier above the rest, for our benefit. Instead, we consider your needs above all else.

As an insurance brokerage agency, we work with most insurance carriers in Medicare, Life Insurance, Group Insurance, Final Expense, and Obamacare. We insist on having neutrality so that we can serve you without bias. It’s important to us that you know you are in the best hands.

The Coverage2Care Philosophy

Coverage2Care is a neutral insurance agency. We are brokers who focus on enrolling our customers with the insurance carrier that best suits them.

Our brokers are knowledgeable and experienced, understanding the ins and outs of insurance guidelines, the various plans, and what each one offers. We can help you best because we care about your needs. We want to help you find the plan that will cover you and your family, as well as help you maximize your benefits.

At Coverage2Care, we know that the times when you need your insurance benefits are likely to be difficult times. The last thing you want is difficulty getting the coverage your family is in need of.

We want things to flow seamlessly for you, we want your needs met, and we want you to experience ease when you need it most. Let us help you find the insurance carrier that will be there for you when you need them.

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Coverage2Care History

Coverage2Care was founded in 2015 by Kimberly Rodriguez and four expert agents. Together, they shared over 30 years of insurance experience and an overarching vision of providing honest guidance for their clients.

In 2018, Coverage2Care expanded into other states, taking on more clients, ready to provide authentic help for those seeking insurance coverage.

As of 2020, Coverage2Care has over 100 agents and 50,000 happy, loyal clients. Providing our clients with value has enabled us to expand and continue to grow.

We want to help you discover the best insurance for your unique needs.

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