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We believe in the saying “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day…teach the man how to fish and feed him for life”.  Our business model is to train licensed agents into knowledgeable agents in their field to be able to answer any question a client may have. 

We do a variety of training and motivational sessions with agents. Our model is “We match your energy”. Some of the trainings may include

  • Webinars
  • Live Trainings 
  • Carrier Trainings
  • Expert Trainings


Once you have passed your Life & Health license as required by your state we can begin the process of contracting and onboarding with the different carriers that are available in your market. You may have to take AHIP in your state to be able to sell multiple carrier products in your state. 

Each carrier has different certifications requirements and trainings. We help guide you on what you need to get contracted with a carrier. 

Coverage2Care at-A-Glance

Our Strong Points

Our Agents Sell. What are they selling? Here is a breakdown of what our agents sell with their Health & Life license all across the USA. 

Group Insurance
Life Insurance
Ancillary Products

Agent Strategy Plans

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

We have Agent Strategy plans that work! With all of our experience we make it easy for either tenured or new agents to keep learning and crafting their skills. 

We live by this model 

Coverage2Care Agents = Knowledge + Skills + Discipline 


Through our great relationships with our up-line that houses our license The Brokerage Inc or insurance carriers we are able to secure retail opportunties for our agents. 

  • HEB
  • CVS

Think Ahead

We Match Your Energy so we want to know what motivates you! Where do you need help where we can assist. 

  • What are You Currently Doing?
  • What Do You Want To Do?
  • Have You had a Strategy Session yet?
  • How Much Time Are You Willing to Dedicate?
  • What Contacts Does Coverage2Care have?

Kimberly Rodriguez

Kimberly Rodriguez founded Coverage2Care in 2015, a full service agency focusing on the Medicare population. She began her Medicare career back in 2006 helping the lower income population apply for additional benefits and social programs through non-profit organizations in the state of Texas. Through the years she has had the opportunity to partner with community outreach programs, medical groups and advocates of all sorts to provide awareness of resources to the Medicare population.

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez has been in the Insurance Industry since 2015. He has educated hundreds of clients on the benefits of Medicare, Group and Dental Insurance.

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