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Texas Medicare Part B – Doctors and Outpatient Services

Texas Medicare Part B is government health insurance for medical services, including doctors and outpatient services. Medicare Part B covers many different types of services and supplies that you need to treat disease and improve your health. From routine care and vaccines to medical equipment and ambulance services, Medicare Part B can provide for your long-term health and wellness.

Most seniors are eligible to receive Medicare Part B at a low monthly cost. Learn what Medicare Part B covers and explore all your options.

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What Does Texas Medicare Part B Cover?

Medicare Part B is medical insurance and covers many different types of medical visits and services. Part B covers two major types of services, including necessary medical care and preventive care services.

Necessary medical care includes any service needed to treat or diagnose a medical condition. These can include visits to a specialist, diagnostic tests, treatments, transportation, and more.

Preventive care services are designed to maintain and even improve your current level of health. These services include well-visits to your doctor, also known as annual or physical exams. Preventive care also includes vaccines and screening tests.

Medicare Part B also covers a range of durable medical equipment. Covered equipment includes canes, hospital beds, wheelchairs, diabetes testing supplies, and more.

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Medicare Part B – Doctors and Outpatient Services

Texas Medicare Part B covers doctors and outpatient services. This coverage includes visits with your primary physician as well as specialist visits and clinical studies. One way to remember what Medicare Part B covers is to focus on your physicians. If a service is provided by a medical doctor, it’s likely covered!

What Doesn’t Medicare Part B Cover?

Medicare Part B covers services provided by a medical physician. It does not cover services offered by other types of doctors, such as dentists or optometrists. 

Texas Medicare Part B also does not cover hospice care or prescription drugs. However, these services are still eligible for other parts of Medicare. Medicare Part A offers hospice coverage, and Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs. If you have questions about your coverage options, contact Coverage2Care to learn more.

How Much Does Medicare Part B Cost?

In 2022, most seniors pay $164.90 a month for Medicare Part B coverage. Your individual costs may vary based on your income and the other services you receive.

What is The Deductible for Medicare Part B in Texas?

There is a Part B deductible of $226. You must pay this cost yourself before Medicare begins to pay for your medical services. 

Who is Eligible for Medicare Part B in Texas?

Everyone who is eligible for free Medicare Part A is eligible for Medicare Part B. If you or your spouse paid Medicare taxes for at least ten years through a job, you are eligible for Medicare Part B. 

If you don’t qualify for free Medicare Part A but are 65 years or older, you still qualify for Medicare Part B.

Some people under the age of 65 are also eligible for Medicare Part B. If you are permanently disabled or have certain medical conditions, you may apply for Medicare Part B before turning 65. 

When to Enroll in Medicare Part B

Most people become eligible for Part B on their 65th birthday. Your Initial Enrollment Period spans several months before and after your birthday. This is the best time for many people to apply! However, some people choose to delay enrollment if they have medical coverage through an employer’s insurance.

How to Apply for Texas Medicare Part B

If you are already receiving Social Security benefits before you turn 65, you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare Part B on your 65th birthday.

Everyone else must sign up for themselves. You can apply for Medicare Part B online, over the phone, or in-person at your Social Security office. Coverage2Care can help you choose the best application type for your needs.

Texas Medicare Enrollment Periods for Part B

Initial Enrollment Period for Part B: Your 65th Birthday

The Initial Enrollment Period for Part B occurs around your 65th birthday. Starting three months before you turn 65, you can apply for Texas Medicare Part B. The Initial Enrollment Period includes your full birthday month, as well as the three months following your birthday.

General Enrollment Period for Part B: January 1 to March 31

If you didn’t sign up for Medicare in your Initial Enrollment Period, you can sign up during a certain window each year. The General Enrollment Period for Medicare Part B lasts from January 1 to March 31 each year. 

Special Enrollment Period for Part B

If you are covered by your employer’s insurance when you turn 65, you can keep this coverage and delay signing up for Medicare with no penalty. Your Special Enrollment Period lasts as long as you hold your employer’s insurance, plus an additional eight months after your private insurance ends.


Should I delay Part B Enrollment?

If you are still covered by your employer’s insurance, you may consider delaying your Medicare Part B enrollment. You should consider the costs and benefits of each coverage before making this decision. Coverage2Care can help you weigh your options.

Can I reject Part B altogether?

Medicare Part B is optional, so you can reject it. However, rejecting Part B means that you are responsible for the full cost of your doctors and outpatient services. An injury or unexpected illness can become very expensive when you have to pay out of pocket. If you’re considering waiving your Texas Medicare Part B coverage, contact Coverage2Care first to learn about your choices.

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Medicare Part B is a valuable tool for seniors and other Texans. To learn more about what Medicare Part B offers, contact Coverage2Care today.

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