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Are you a new Medicare recipient trying to figure out all of the rules and regulations that come with it? Don’t worry! You aren’t alone, and this post is here to help. 

We’ll take you through all the essentials in a way that doesn’t involve confusing words or stacks of paperwork – just an easy checklist to follow so you can be sure your transition into the world of Medicare goes as smoothly as possible. Ready? Let’s dive in!

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Essential Items To Include On Your Checklist

Understanding and staying on top of your Medicare coverage can be quite intimidating — for example, you may ask yourself questions like “what is Original Medicare?” or “how do I apply for extra help?” Fortunately, after enrolling in Medicare there are some key steps that you can do to re-review what healthcare services and items are covered. 

It all depends on the kind of Medicare coverage you’ve chosen – which could range from Original Medicare and a stand-alone Part D plan to a Medicare Advantage plan. In each of these cases, think about how things are covered and how your costs will differ. 

However, by keeping a checklist of steps and relevant information, you’ll soon understand the ins and outs of your new coverage. Plus, you don’t want to miss out on any additional benefits that private insurers may offer too!


Keep Track of Your New Medicare Cards

Make sure you add your new medicare card to your medicare checklist. When you receive it, double-check to ensure that all of your information is correct and that you understand which medicare plan(s) you’ve enrolled in. 

Besides the medicare card, you may have other cards for private medicare plans, such as Medicare Advantage (Part C), Part D prescription drug plan, or Medicare supplement insurance.

Review these cards too and write down any customer service contact info in case you need assistance with coverage questions or other matters. Whenever seeing your doctor or pharmacist, make sure to bring all of your medicare cards so they can properly verify your coverage. Keep those medicare cards safe!


Take Advantage of Medicare.Gov’s Site Benefits

Medicare’s secure online service is the perfect way to keep track of your health care information. With it, you can gain access to your personal Medicare data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Other useful features include: 

  • Claims tracking
  • Access to Medicare Summary Notices (MSNs)
  • Requesting a replacement card 
  • Receive up-to-date information about deductibles and preventive services

Signing up takes just minutes – sign up today to start enjoying worry-free access to your vital Medicare information in one convenient location!

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Stay Up to Date on Premiums

Navigating Medicare premiums can be intimidating. But with a medicare checklist, you’ll be able to easily navigate payments for each medicare part. For Parts A & B, the payment goes straight to medicare itself. 

On the other hand, if you have private medicare plans like Part D, those premium payments go directly to your plan provider. Staying up to date on these payments is important so you don’t miss any deadlines!

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Black woman and man have informal meeting, glad to view photos on smart phone, wear spectacles, work together at common project via laptop computer, drink coffee. People and technology concept

Sign Up for Your Provider’s Member Portal

Signing up for an online member portal with your medicare provider is a smart move, as it provides you with easy access to all kinds of medicare-related information and tasks. 

In one convenient place, you can find helpful answers about medicare coverage, get support with your plan, update account information and so much more. Plus, many medicare providers offer personal medicare checklists tailored to your individual medicare plan – ensuring that you never miss a step in managing your Medicare benefits. 

So make sure to get started today if it’s available to you – and reap the rewards of having all the important medicare tools at your fingertips!


Set Up Authorization Forms

When you need to have someone else take care of your medicare-related needs, it is essential to get all the paperwork in order first. Before Medicare gives out any personal health information about you, an authorization form must be properly filled out and submitted. 

Taking the time to fill out this form will prove beneficial in the long run – enabling a smoother communication flow between Medicare and those you choose to share your health information.


Taking the Right Steps

The steps in this guide should give you a good idea of what to expect after enrolling in Medicare and help you get organized so that you have everything you need. Just remember, if something doesn’t seem right or you’re not sure about something, don’t hesitate to reach out to your insurance company or healthcare provider for assistance.

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