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Get The San Antonio Medicare Benefits You Deserve

You’ve finally reached the official retirement stage and gained full access to the San Antonio Medicare rewards that you’ve been paying for your entire life. 

Medicare Health Insurance is the crown jewel of the Federal government-administered retirement program.

Unfortunately, navigating through the complex Medicare enrollment process can be incredibly confusing and frustrating. 

Finding a trustworthy advocate to help steer you in the right direction is difficult. 

Most agents are interested in selling you the plan that is most financially rewarding for them but may not be the best healthcare choice for you.

Coverage2Care is here to help. 

We’ll help you understand your Medicare options and make sure you have the full benefits you deserve.

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We compare options for you to make sure your getting the benefits you need and deserve

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San Antonio Medicare Benefits &
Medicare Costs

San Antonio Medicare is made up of three components. 

Each Medicare benefits plan covers a different facet of medical care. 

As your healthcare situation changes, you can adjust your Medicare coverage for the exact care you need. Coverage2care can help you choose the right combination of plans for you.

Medicare Part A:

Medicare Part A covers inpatient care and treatment in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or hospice facility. 

Recent expansions have extended coverage to include skilled nursing home or in the patient’s own home as well.

Medicare Part A Costs:

Medicare Part A coverage is free for most seniors. Part A does have coinsurance fees, which can change throughout the year.

Medicare Part B:

Medicare Plan B coverage includes visits to doctor’s offices, outpatient care, medical materials and supplies, and preventive or wellness care.

Medicare Part B Costs:

The average premium for Medicare Part B in San Antonio is $148.50 per year. 

You’ll also have a deductible of $203 for the year, and will be responsible for a portion of your care after the deductible is met.

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage):

Medicare Part C offers the same coverage as traditional Medicare Part A and Part B, but these insurance programs are administered by private companies. 

Medicare Part C is also called Medicare Advantage.

A Medicare Advantage plan can offer additional coverage at no higher cost than original Medicare, so explore your Part C choices.

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) Costs:

Medicare Advantage plans cost different amounts depending on where you live.

However, most patients who live in San Antonio can find Medicare Part C plans starting at $0 a month. 

In most cases, you will have co-pays for specialist or emergency treatments.

Contact Coverage2Care to explore Medicare Advantage costs for your situation.

Medicare Part D:

Medicare Part D insurance plans provide coverage for most prescription medications including routine injections and vaccines.

Medicare Part D Costs:

Medicare Part D rates may vary depending on where you live in Texas and other factors.

Getting Medicare Benefits in San Antonio

We want to empower you to make the best choices for your retirement by choosing the right healthcare coverage for you.

Understanding the Medicare benefits available to you and understanding the costs of each option is crucial to making sure you don’t regret your choice. 

At Coverage2care, our team of licensed professional agents can make sure you’re aware of all the options available to you. 

We’re committed to helping you maximize your savings without skimping on the coverage that you need. 

When you’re fully informed you’re able to move forward confidently without worrying about any regret.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Apply in-person at your local Social Security Office
  • Call the Social Security Administration at 1 (800) 772-1213
  • Enroll online at

At Coverage 2 Care, we take the stress out of enrollment by helping you compare plans to find the right benefits for you.

Our licensed professional agents will help you find affordable solutions to maximize your savings and get the coverage you need

Contact us today to have one of our agents help you get the benefits you deserve!

  • American citizens who have worked and paid Federal taxes for at least 10 years have earned the right to enroll in the Federal government-funded Medicare program. The initial enrollment period spans seven months. Citizens are first eligible to enroll three months prior to their 65th birthday and this window closes three months after their 65th birthday
  • Seniors who are still working at 65 years old are free to continue their employer-sponsored health care. In that case, they would simply delay the start of their Medicare coverage until their retirement.
  • Citizens who are receiving disability benefits when they become eligible to enroll for Medicare are required to complete a waiting period of 22 months, beginning the month that they began receiving disability benefits.

If you do not enroll in Medicare during your initial enrollment window you may take advantage of the next General Enrollment Period or Special Enrollment periods as described below.

  • General Enrollment Period

The General Enrollment Period for Medicare Part A and Part B, runs from January 1 to March 31 each year. Open enrollment for Part C, or Medicare Advantage, and Part D is October 15 to December 7 each year.

  • Special Enrollment Period

Citizens who are working and choose to remain insured through their employer may register for Medicare in a Special Enrollment period following their departure from the workforce or their decision to opt-out of employer-sponsored healthcare insurance.

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